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We supply Auto Safety Products:

-License Plate Backup Sensor

-LED Safety Light






Wiland Industries Inc Receives Best of Business Award 2014

Wiland Industries Inc has been selected for the Best of Business Award. SBCA Commnuity Best of Business Award Winners are a valuable asset to their community and exemplify what makes small businesses great. 

Wiland Industries is a supplier of consumer products.

We are operating in North America since 1997, our manufacturing experience of consumer goods that given our products to match the needs from the US market, particularly in the auto safety and new energy.

"Rear Eyes" license plate backup sensor


-Monitor the rear & blind zone of the vehicle;

-Warns mortorist by sound with 4 tones when it detect the objects in the warring zone.


Rear Eyes  backup sensor can help a motorist avoid an accident while backing up a vehicle. Featuring four ultrasonic sensors, the product warns a motorist if there is an object in the warning zone behind the vehicle while backing up. An audible tone sounds so that the motorist can place their foot on the brake to stop the car and avoid hitting the object behind the vehicle.

Rear Eyes  backup sensor can be installed on SUVs, minivans, sedans, pickup trucks, among others. The installation process is quick and simple, and a “Do It Yourself” version is available.


Wiland safety lights are highly efficient and durable LED lights.


They each use original reflecting design and super bright LEDs to reach wide angles and brightness.


The portable, weather-ready magnetic basic and multipower features combined with the additional accessories that allow you to come up with multiple uses for the light.


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